My Giving Foundation


My Giving Foundation is a South African Social Investment Exchange (SASIX) initiative. It's a personalised charitable fund which you set up as a family, an individual or as a business. A Giving Foundation is not a separate legal entity; it is a way structure your giving to suit your changing tax picture.


You make a lump sum donation to a Giving Foundation which you name. You get your tax certificate immediately.

  • To set up Your Giving Foundation, you must make a minimum lump sum investment of R500 for individuals or R5 000 for companies. Investments must be in multiples of R50.
  • Investments are irrevocable donations, so you won't be able to withdraw funds from Your Giving Foundation.
  • You will receive an 18A tax receipt directly after you have made your lump sum investment.


You can grow your Foundation by making additional investments at any time.

  • You can add to Your Giving Foundation on or offline, as long as the amount is in multiples of R50.
  • Your investments will be held in trust by SASIX in a secure RMB Private Bank money market account.


You can use Your Giving Foundation balance to buy shares in SASIX projects.

  • You can only distribute Your Giving Foundation funds to SASIX-accredited projects. All SASIX projects qualify for tax exemption under the Public Benefit Organisations Act.
  • South African taxpayers must allocate 85% of their Giving Foundation balance within the financial year that the 18A tax receipt was issued.
  • If you terminate Your Giving Foundation for whatever reason, we will allocate your remaining balance to the SASIX sector or province you nominate.

Set up Your Giving Foundation now

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My Giving Foundation

Set up your own charitable fund as a family, an individual or as a business.

Your Giving Foundation is:

  • An easy and flexible way to manage your giving
  • Tax efficient: you get immediate tax relief on your donations
  • Highly effective, giving you access to the best performance philanthropy expertise and practices

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